The Differences Between Modern and Contemporary Interior Designs

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The Differences Between Modern and Contemporary Interior Designs

Modern and contemporary are two words that are usually used synonymously with one another. However, when it comes to interior design and home décor, these two terms mean entirely different things. This article discusses their definitions and differences to inspire how you decorate and design your home.

1) By Definition: Modern Décor
The term “modern” refers to the past when it comes to décor. It can be any trend that was trendy “in the now” but has passed with time. For example, what you consider vintage in clothes would be modern in terms of home décor and design.

2) By Definition: Contemporary Décor
The term “contemporary” means here and now. This refers to what’s trendy in the décor world at this very moment. It is in a constant shift, and most designers have to keep up with the ebb and flow of these constant trends to call themselves savvy to the differences between modern and contemporary. Example? If reclaimed building materials Portland OR in DIY home décor were all the rage right now, it would be considered contemporary until the trend passed. Then it would be considered modern.

What are a Few Defining Features to Incorporate into a Modern Interior Design?

Modern interior design can be any once-trendy feature of home décor. For example, the 1950s were big on large double ovens for family-friendly meals. Or the 1970s were huge for popcorn ceilings, where spackle is left to harden in bumps for texture. Think of a past décor look that struck your fancy. That’s modern interior design.

What About Contemporary Design Features?

Contemporary design features are whatever is popular right now. For instance, if all-silver appliances in a sleek black and white kitchen was the go-to trending interior design, then that’s what would be considered contemporary home décor right this second. It changes with the flow of what the majority of people are liking at any given moment.

Which is Better: Modern or Contemporary Interior Designs?

The question of better between modern and contemporary interior designs boils down to what the client likes. These two décor styles can be intermingled to incorporate a mixture of past and present; thus, giving a client something unique and custom to love about their home décor. Hence, there is no better since everyone has a different preference as to what the perfect home décor is to them.

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